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Supporters Charter


Wednesday 3rd May 2017



Revised May 2019




Rothes Football Club acknowledges the continued and valued support that individuals, businesses and groups bring to the Club.  In recognition of this we will endeavour to work in a way that ensures that all possible actions by the Club reflect this.

Rothes Football Club recognises the commitment we owe to our supporters and customers and the policies below lay out the Club’s continuing commitment to not only supporters but also to the wider community and the environment.  This charter is designed to improve standards of customer relations between Rothes Football Club and its supporters and customers.

The Club recognises the special bond between the club and its supporters. It recognises and respects the invaluable contribution the supporters have made in the past and continue to make to the life of the Club.  As such, the club will make every effort to ensure that its policies and practices are open, accessible and communicated as effectively as possible with its supporters.

The Club will annually conduct a review of its customer charter, making changes in accordance with the recommendations put forward from the various groups and from guidelines received from the relevant governing bodies.  The club reserves the right to make amendments at short notice to this policy – but all changes will be communicated by supporters through the Rothes Football Club website and / or Social Media



Rothes Football Club is committed to providing a high quality customer experience which is accessible to the widest possible audience.

Concessions are available for persons over 60 years of age and for junior supporters under 16 years of age.  Children under 12 are admitted free of charge as long as they are accompanied by an adult.  The Club may request proof of age for eligibility.

Support for disabled supporters and their carers – any disabled person and their carer/helper (1 person) will be admitted free of charge and will be accommodated in relation to their required seating.



Rothes Football Club will endeavour to, provide a safe, trouble free environment for all spectators and provide a quality service through our turnstile staff, catering outlets, stewards, Police and staff.  In return Rothes Football Club expects spectators to refrain from using foul and abusive language, taunts or gestures of a racist, sectarian or obscene nature and to inform members of the security staff regarding anyone flaunting the above. 

Rothes FC fully comply with Moray Council and SFA/SFL health and safety regulations/requirements in relation to crowd safety and control. 

Rothes FC continually communicate with their chosen stewards, raising any known issues prior to and following the match. 



The Club's supporters are allocated tickets for away matches as follows; 
tickets go on sale to the general public. The host club determines the cost of these tickets, sometimes in consultation with Rothes FC as appropriate. 

Rothes FC does not charge admission prices to supporters of a visiting club, which are higher than those charged to our own supporters for comparable accommodation.  In particular, our concessionary rates are offered to senior citizens and junior supporters of visiting clubs. 

The Club abides by the SFL/SFA rules governing the allocation of tickets to visiting clubs. 



The Club consults supporters on a regular basis through supporters' club meetings and web sites.

The Club regularly communicates with sponsors, local authorities and other interested parties. 

The Club gives the earliest possible notice of any changes to its ticketing policy and the reasons for the changes. 

The Club communicates with its supporter base on a regular basis through the production of a match-day programme, Rothes FC website, regular social media postings and on-going press and media releases. 




Rothes Football Club: 


  • will set out and publish service and safety standards, giving a framework by which its performance can be judged by themselves and others. 
  • take action if service or safety performance falls short of the published standards. 
  • will provide a forum by which supporters may raise their comments or concerns. 
  • will review its standards annually. 
  • will commit to keep the supporter informed of the activities at the club. 
  • will publish its charter and make it freely available to all 

In regards to ticket sales – Rothes FC: 

  • Will publish details of the availability of and its pricing policy of all tickets. 
  • Will publish amendments at the earliest possible opportunity.  
  • Will publish its policy for returned and unwanted tickets. 
  • Will publish its tickets return policy for abandoned matches. 
  • Will provide a range of ticket prices. 
  • Will offer an appropriate concessionary ticket policy. 
  • Will publish its policy on visiting support ticket allocation.
  • Will publish details of any membership, loyalty, bond, debenture or similar scheme. 


In regards to merchandising – Rothes FC: 

Will communicate details of the next intended change of kits. 

In regards to supporter information – Rothes FC: 

  • will undertake to keep its supporters informed as to changes at the club by whatever means it decides is the most cost effective. 
  • will undertake to keep its supporters informed on a regular basis by whatever means it decides are appropriate and cost effective. 
  • will publish its position on major policy issues. 


In regard to fixture Lists – Rothes FC:  

  • will undertake to keep the supporters informed as to fixture changes by whatever means it decides is the most cost effective. 

In regards to the Stadium – Rothes FC: 

  • undertakes to provide a clean and safe stadium with the appropriate facilities. 
  • undertakes to provide access for those with special needs.
  • undertakes to encourage an environment free of sectarian and racial abuse.  

In regards to catering  - Rothes FC: 

  • undertakes to provide or subcontract an appropriate catering service.   

In regards to Supporter Contact  - Rothes FC: 

  • will respond to any reasonable contact from a supporter within seven days, by the most appropriate method, unless under extreme circumstances which renders the club administration unable to respond.   


In regards to its community strategy  - Rothes FC: 

  • shall communicate its designated strategy and activities aimed at establishing or reaffirming its position in the community. 

In regards to standards of performance – Rothes FC: 

  • will set service level targets wherever possible and appropriate. The club will strive to achieve the targets and publish its performance against the service level targets. 
Garry Davies
May 2019



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