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Wednesday 3rd May 2017


Revised May 2019



The executive board of Rothes Football Club bears ultimate responsibility for the safe operation of Mackessack Park football ground and has delegated day to day responsibility for implementation of the policy to the Club Chairman

The Club undertakes to ensure, as far as reasonable practicable that, events at Mackessack Park are staged in such a way, that the safety of everybody at the stadium is assured.

The Club, through the Chairman, Safety Officer, Stewards and all other Committee Members will ensure the reasonable safety of those attending events at Mackessack Park. The Club will ensure that systems exist for the safe admission, accommodation and exit of spectators.

The Club will undertake and maintain a process of risk assessment as required by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1992) and will have regard to this assessment in formulating and updating this policy. These risk assessments will also form the basis of the Club's Contingency Plan.


Person with overall Safety Responsibility:-

Name:            Iain Paul

Position:        Chairman

Person with day to day Responsibility:-

Name:            Garry Davies

Position:        Secretary / Safety Officer

In the absence of either person identified above the Club Vice Chairman will assume match day responsibility for safety.


Each member of staff will be advised of the policy of the Club towards the safety of spectators. All staff engaged on match day duties will be provided with more detailed information relating to their duties. The executive committee will receive regular reports on the operation and implementation of the policy.

This policy will be reviewed and amended as appropriate, following any incident involving spectators, in the light of findings of investigations. Likewise, if changes to operations or facilities lead to significant changes in working practices, the policy will come under review and amendment as necessary.


The Chairman together with the safety advisor have the responsibility for ensuring that the policy is observed and that Club personnel who are engaged in safety duties, clearly understand the requirements of the policy.

Members of the Club Committee, the Chairman, Stewards and the Safety Officer will monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the policy and report on a regular basis to the Executive Committee.

Spectator management will be controlled as follows:-

Segregation will be implemented within Mackessack Park only when deemed necessary.  In instances where this is required an appropriately sized area will be allocated and this area will be split by the provision of a line of barriers and will be stewarded as appropriate.

Spectators will be admitted to the ground in an orderly, safe manner through the two main Mackessack Park entry gates. Stewards will be in attendance, as deemed appropriate, to ensure the safety of spectators. People who are clearly under the influence of drink or are in possession of unauthorised objects including bottles will not be allowed into the ground.

The Club will ensure that an effective system for counting spectators as they enter the ground is in place so that club officials can ascertain the number of spectators in the ground at any time. If necessary, appropriate information can be relayed to spectators over the Club's public address system which can be heard in all areas of the ground.


Stewards and Club officials will monitor the safety of spectators in the ground, as appropriate and report any potential problems. Stewards will be responsible for ensuring that there is no smoking in the main stand. The public address system will be used to relay safety related information to spectators. Spectators can enter main stand from either end but stewards will ensure access / exit walkways are kept clear and position themselves at the “tunnel entrance” at half time and full time to afford players and officials safe passage from the field of play to the dressing rooms.

All raised steps / uneven areas on spectator walkways will be highlighted with high visibility markings.

Spectators will be allowed to leave the ground at the appropriate exits. Stewards and Club Officials will ensure that exit gates are clear before the end of the game and that spectators leave in an orderly manner, with particular consideration given to children and disabled persons. Exit and emergency escape routes will be kept clear of obstructions at all times.

A limited number of suitable accommodation is in place for disabled persons within the ground and they will be assisted to this designated area, or to another area if they wish, by stewards or committee members as appropriate.

Stewards will assist disabled persons to enter of leave the ground if such assistance is required. Likewise if requested they will assist disabled person in accessing public amenities e.g. toilets or refreshment facilities.

The Club will ensure that an appropriate number of stewards are in attendance for each home game. Stewards will be identifiable by wearing high visibility vests at all times.

The Club's objective is that spectators can attend Mackessack Park in the knowledge that they are in a safe environment and to ensure that the club achieves that objective, certain periodic checks will be carried out.

General periodic inspections will be carried out by the Safety Officer and will cover the following areas:-

  • Exits to ensure that there are no trip hazards and surfaces are not slippery
  • Signage where appropriate are in place
  • Park exits are kept clear of obstructions
  • Combustible or flammable material is not in evidence
  • Firefighting equipment, as appropriate, is in place and available for use
  • All stadium lighting is in working order
  • Inspections by the local authority are periodically carried out

If contractors are working at the ground the Safety Officer will ensure that they are made aware of the Club's policy with regard to safety matters and that acceptable method statements and risk assessments have carried out for the tasks in hand.

Matters relating to safety policy will be relayed to the public as appropriate through the public address system, match day programme if applicable, or on the Club's official website and/or Social Media.

Stewards and Club Officials will be issued with a copy of the Safety Policy. Problems experienced or potential problems will be discussed at regular committee meetings.

The Club recognises risk from fire, to mitigate this risk the Club will enforce a strict no smoking policy in all enclosed areas within the ground, including the stand.

Club personnel with first aid training will be available on match days. These first aiders will have access to medical equipment if required.

If an attendance of over 2000 is anticipated arrangements will be made to have a suitably trained crowd doctor in attendance. The whereabouts of the doctor in the ground will be made known to first aid personnel and key members of the club committee. The doctor will be situated in the main stand. Ambulances are stationed at the local ambulance depot hospital in Elgin or Dufftown and can normally be at the ground if called as part of an emergency within 15 minutes.

For crowds under 2000 the provision of a doctor at the ground will not be possible, the nearest main accident and emergency hospital is 15 minutes away should a situation arise.

The Club has drawn up a contingency plan to deal with emergencies and incidents, which might occur during a match or when spectators are queuing to enter the ground.

Controlled copies of the contingency plan are available to the Club's safety personnel, management and emergency services. A controlled copy will be kept in the Club office at the park should it be required.

The Club committee together with the Safety Officer will continually review the contingency plan and revise it in the light of lessons learned from any incidents that may take place and in consultation with the emergency services.

A record will be kept by the Club Safety Officer of any accident or incident which causes injury other than playing injury which:-

  • Is brought to the notice of the Club Safety Officer or Club Committee
  • Occurs whilst the stadium is in use for a specified event, and
  • Has safety implications

Other records that will be maintained by the Safety Officer are as follows:-

  • A record of all first aid and medical treatment provided during or in connection with a specified event
  • A record on inspections and tests of firefighting equipment (12 monthly)
  • A record of tests on the public address system (6 monthly)
  • A record of any defect relating to the Safety of the ground, howsoever discovered, together with a record of when such a defect was remedied

A record of the following certificates:-

  • A certificate of inspection of the firefighting equipment. This is supplied with new fire extinguishers and cover a lifespan of 10 years
  • A letter of compliance issued by the local authority


This policy is in respect of spectator safety for Rothes Football Club, Mackessack Park, Rothes.

Garry Davies

Secretary / Safety Officer

Rothes Football Club

May 2019


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